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After a 30-year career facilitating over 1,500 Lean Manufacturing projects, I do not yet consider myself an expert (Savant).  I continue to work toward that goal every day, and on every project. 

My seventh book on the subjects of Lean Six Sigma represents my effort to share some of the experiences gained while leading continuous improvement projects in nearly every industry.

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Becoming a Lean Savant

Often called the Nobel Prize for Manufacturing; the Shingo Prize is one of the most respected awards an author can receive.  I am humbled to have been recognized by the Shingo Prize Committee twice for previous textbooks.

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After purchasing our latest book "Becoming a Lean Savant", you may contact us to request access to the online (cloud based) database of training materials referenced in the book. Simply visit the website referenced in the book.

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20 minute video describing a 1 week transformation of a small family owned wood manufacturing company.